People Who Enjoy BuildFaster

Josh Ternyak -

BuildFaster helped me code my own website in minutes.

Ruben Buijs -

The code is super neat. It is very easy to understand how to make changes.

Philip Imperato -

HTML was clean, easy to understand and exactly what I was looking for.

Nobody likes to start from scratch.

It's absolutely true. Nobody does. It's a waste of your time. There are so many steps that go into creating a website from scratch. Installing packages, libraries, and learning flexbox is a waste of your time.

So... what if you could skip that?

Fortunately, BuildFaster helps you with that annoying problem. You'll never have to worry about writing the same code over and over again. Our neat and understandable code will bring you far!

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Neat Code

Tired of massive, complicated walls of text in your source code? Our HTML themes are well-structured and easy-to-use, to ensure that you can add sparks of originality on your website with ease!

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Launch in No Time

Website design should not take up hours and hours of your time. Make going online feel like a step forward and finish your code within minutes with BuildFaster's HTML themes. Your project may have many other aspects, so let us take care of this one!

Try Us for Free

Our Half-Half theme is now completely free. Play around with this theme to see how easy-to-use the source code. It's a great theme you can use to show off your newsletter and gain subscribers quick.