Learn to code in days. Set yourself up for success.
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What I'll talk about:
🚀 How to launch your side project.
📰 How I got featured in huge tech magazines.
📈 How I grew my business to $10K MRR in a month.
🔗 How to create great backlinks and optimize content for SEO.
👫 How I made connections with top developers around the world.
🌱 How I grew my knowledge of the developer world.
🤑 How I make money from selling my businesses.
😉 And many more!
"Awesome tips I've taken away from this book. Great content and a definite recommend!"
John Doe
Developer at example.com
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
  • About this book
  • What you'll learn
  • Chapter 2
  • Have a growth mindest
  • Where to start
  • Learn the web
  • Chapter 3
  • Learn to code
  • Code faster
  • What's next?
  • Chapter 4
  • Learn HTML
  • Use CSS
  • Style basics
  • Chapter 5
  • Using a template
  • Creating your own
  • Chapter 6
  • The launch process
  • Create your own stuff!
  • Author's note
  • I want this!
    About the Author
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